Why it’s time to stop questioning your annual gutter cleaning

Whether you live in a rural area or the heart of the city, your home has a gutter system that plays an important role in keeping your roof and foundation protected from water damage. Learn how experts have been ensuring these systems are in tip-top shape for years, and what the benefits are to hiring professional services.

Have you ever heard that you should get gutter cleaning every year? Well, it’s because the leaves and rain can cause a large build-up of debris. And that’s not all! As time goes on, the gutters can start to collapse. But don’t worry, our professionals will make sure to clean up your gutters safely and ensure they’re in good condition.

How much should it cost to have your gutters cleaned?

It’s a really simple question that most people have trouble answering. There are so many different variables that can affect the price of annual gutter cleaning. If you take care of your gutters yourself, then you will save some money, but this is not the safest way. At Mygutterclean we use professional gutter vacuums which are ground based so there is no need to use ladders. Our prices start at around £60 for a terraced property and £75 for a semi detached property. For detached properties the cost is around £80 – £120 depending on the type of roof you have.

How often should you clean your gutters?

You should get your gutters cleaned at least once every season. Twice if you have a lot of tree coverage near you and lots of moss on your roof.

Gutters and roofing

Gutters and roofing are highly-important pieces of your home that you should never neglect. Neglecting them will cause a number of problems to occur, such as leaks, rusting, and even mold.

Different Ways to Clean Your Gutters

You might think that your gutters are cleaned out when the rain showers come. However, this is not the case. While these natural rain showers are great for cleaning your gutters, they aren’t enough to completely keep them free of dirt and debris. Heavy downpours will dislodge moss from the roof and this will end up in your gutters.

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