Best time of Year To Clean Gutters

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Clean Gutters?

Is it time to clean your gutters? The best time of year to clean your gutters is before the heavy leaves start falling. Cleaning in cold weather and when plants are dormant will give you a better chance of not disturbing any animals that live near your gutters.  The first thing to do is make sure to clean up all the leaves from your garden so that they don’t blow into your gutters and clog up your downpipes.

Seasonal Issues

One of the drawbacks to cleaning your gutters is seasonal issues. For most of the year, rain has been coming down, figuring out when to clean them if between storms can be a difficult task.  When Is The Best Time To Clean Your Gutters? If you have a home near large trees then the best times to clean that gutters is after all the leaves have dropped.  By doing this, you can get rid of any leaves that have clogged up your gutters. At the end of December and or January is a great time to have your gutters cleaned out.

Pros and Cons of Cleaning Gutters

Gutters accumulate a lot of debris from leaves and moss. Whilst leaving gutters untouched, it is possible that the water flow can create erosion and wash away your foundation. Regular cleaning of gutters also prevent unnecessary rainwater overflows during heavy rain fall, This is the primary reason why it is suggested to keep your gutters clean and free of obstruction.

What is involved in gutter cleaning?

If you want to do something great for your home, this might be the right thing to do. No matter where you reside in the world, gutter problems are always present so it’s important to take care of them.  The professionals of any business will give you a gutter cleaning service which includes to remove the debris from your gutters and make sure all your downpipes are clear for water to run away.  In case your gutters are no longer working properly, you’re more willing to face a great deal of issues.

When should you hire professionals for gutter cleaning?

If you hate heights then hiring a professional gutter cleaning company like Mygutterclean to take care of this for you is the best option. We use state of the art vacuum cleaners to clean properties as high as 4 stories high. We also use a telescopic camera to inspect the gutters before and after the work has been carried out. Regular gutter cleaning not only removes the leaves that may have tumbled in but also takes care of any mildew growth and mould issues.


The time you’ll notice increased debris is during the fall and winter seasons. The leaves that collect around gutters can cause a safety hazard for people on your property. So you should schedule routine inspections into the autumn or winter maintenance plan to make sure that your gutters are clear. We recommend to clean your gutters after all the leaves have dropped which would be end of November right in to spring. Unless you notice any leaks in meantime or don’t have any large trees nearby.  Should you have concerns or are not sure if there is anything that may need repairing don’t hesitate to call. We love any opportunity to help!

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