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Do you have a gutter attached to the bottom of your roof?  After a particularly wet season, or even just during the spring when trees begin to shed their leaves, your gutter may become clogged with organic matter and debris. The buildup is most likely not from any one season, but the cumulative effects over time. Fortunately, it is not something that will last forever. With just a bit of maintenance now, you can prevent future issues later. You see, when you let your gutters build up with debris and other natural matter, they become susceptible to leaks and other damage from the elements as they age. Also, rainwater from a blocked gutter can leak into the foundations of a property causing potential problems over time. For these reasons it becomes very important to get them cleaned out on an ongoing basis.  (We recommend two or three times per year)


Hiring a Professional Gutter Cleaning Company Is Recommended

If you happen to be struggling to get your gutters cleaned out by hand, or have noticed some damage to your gutters that is beyond the repair ability of a DIY project, you may want to consider hiring a professional gutter cleaner. There are many benefits to having your gutters cleaned by a professional. Firstly, a professional gutter cleaning service is insured and legally allowed to work at height which can be dangerous if a home-owner tries to do this.  Cleaning your gutters by hand is a hazardous task, and even if you are used to ladders for DIY projects, it is best to have professionals do it. In addition, gutter cleaning by a professional company is likely to be more thorough, keeping your gutters cleaner for longer and preventing clogging in the future.


Before Hiring A Gutter cleaning Company, Do Your Research

While hiring a gutter cleaning company can help to keep your gutters cleaner for longer, it is important to ensure the right choice is made. While the task may seem simple, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right gutter cleaning company for the job. The best way to ensure the right company is hired is to do some research ahead of time. Start by looking online at customer reviews, and consult with local professional associations and associations in your area to get a feel for what quality, reputable companies are in your area and what types of services they offer. Make sure the company you choose has the expertise to clean your specific type of gutter, as well as a reputation for excellence in their field.


Talk to Customers

While you would hope that all of the customers who have hired a gutter cleaning company would be willing to provide testimonials, it is also a good idea to talk to some of the customers who have used the company you are interested in hiring to clean your gutters first. Not only is it a great way to get a feel for the company, but you can also ask them if they had any specific areas they would like to have cleaned next time. By talking to customers you can also get some insight into the type of service they got and any issues they may have had. If you are hiring a gutter cleaning company that offers gutter repairs as well, it can be helpful to know if there were any issues with the repairs and if the company addressed them.


Ask Around For Recommendations

Another great way to find a qualified gutter cleaning company is to ask around. Talk to family members, friends, neighbours and local professionals who may have used a previous gutter cleaning company to get their recommendations on the best companies for the job. You may even want to ask local roofing contractors for their recommendations as well, as they may have a better feel for the quality of work the companies they work with are offering. While it is not a fool proof way to find a good gutter cleaning company, it can be a great way to tap into the community and get some recommendations on the companies that have worked in your area before.


Determine What Services Will Be Needed For Your Home

Before hiring a gutter cleaning company, it is important to first assess the condition of your gutters. To do this, you will want to assess the extent of the debris in your gutters, as well as the length of time that debris has been present. It is also wise to check to make sure your gutters are connected to your downspouts and that they are draining properly. It is also important to note that the gutter cleaning company should address both the upper and lower sections of the gutter. More often than not, the upper portion of your gutters will be clogged and need to be cleaned out, as well as some of the smaller particles that have been building up in the lower portion.


Hire An Established Company With A Reputation For Excellence

A well-established gutter cleaning company is likely to have experience cleaning gutters of various types. As such, you can trust that they will be able to effectively clean your specific type of gutter. Furthermore, it is important to hire a gutter cleaning company that has a reputation for providing excellent customer service, and one of the indications of this is that they are much also more likely to have repeat customers.


Don’t Forget the Bottom of Your Gutters

While it is important to have your gutters cleaned out, you should also make sure that the cleaning technicians are taking care of the bottom of the gutter. The bottom of the gutter is often overlooked and may have a build up of debris. With so many companies offering gutter cleaning services, it is easy to overlook the bottom of the gutter. Make sure that the company you hire is checking the bottom of the gutter as well. The bottom of the gutter is often neglected, but it is just as important as the upper section of the gutter to have cleaned. Furthermore, the debris that builds up in the bottom of the gutter can cause issues later on.



While it is very important to clean out your gutters on a regular basis, it is important to hire the right gutter cleaning company for the job. By hiring a company that is experienced in cleaning out gutters of various types, you can be sure that your gutters will get the cleaning they need. Furthermore, a gutter cleaning company that routinely cleans out your gutters will prevent future issues while keeping your gutters clean and free of debris. In addition, a gutter cleaning company with a reputation for excellence will have plenty of repeat customers and a track record of providing excellent customer service.

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