How to Clean Gutters from the Ground

Clean Your Gutters From The Ground

Cleaning your gutters is an essential part of maintaining your home. It clears out dirt and debris that collects in them, preventing clogs and ensuring runoff water runs through them smoothly and makes its way to downspouts and away from your foundation.

While cleaning your home’s gutters is extremely important, it usually requires climbing up a ladder and getting onto your roof. Whether you’re afraid of heights or you just don’t want to risk falling, you are probably wondering if there’s a way that you can clean your gutters that doesn’t involve a ladder.

You’ll be happy to know that you CAN clean out your gutters without ever stepping foot on a ladder or on your roof. Here’s a look at how you can do this all important home maintenance task from the ground.

Use a Gutter Vacuum

A gutter vacuum is exactly what it sounds like; a vacuum that pulls dirt and debris out of gutters.

What’s involved? – A gutter vacuum is a special attachment that fits onto the end of a shop-vac or a leaf blower. It features a long hose and nozzle attachments that allow you to reach up into your gutters and suck up things like pine needles, leaves, twigs, pollen, and dirt. Some models are designed to reach up to 40 feet, or the gutters on a three story home.

Gutter Cleaning Applicators

Essentially, these tools are like heavy-duty sponges. They attach to the end of a long pole, like a pole that you would use for painting, and clean off the surface of your gutters. While a gutter cleaning applicator will remove some of the accumulated dirt and debris, they generally won’t get rid of heavy objects, like a big mass of leaves or large twigs.

A Garden Hose

You can also clean your gutters from the ground with your trusty garden hose. To use this cleaning method, you’ll need to purchase a cleaning attachment for your hose that is specifically made for gutters. These attachments are sold at most home improvement stores. To use it, simply attach the cleaning tool to your garden hose, position it into the end of the gutter, turn on the water, and start cleaning. Work your way down the gutter to ensure all debris gets dislodged and pushed.

Cleaning your gutters doesn’t have to be a dangerous task. Why not let us clean your gutters , you can get your gutters clean without ever leaving the ground.

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